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Foshan lasting manufacturers selling tattoo stickers

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-07

(4) other methods

1, tattoo paste lasting

nail can be popular, now many handy sister will own DIY, is clumsy, and not willing to go to nail shop to burn money, then with the help of a nail stickers. Have all sorts of design, the lovely wind, female, rural wind, Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea. 。 。 Hey hey ~ ~ as long as you want all can match, so how do you use the nail stickers?

will be the need to remove the pipe with a small amount of alcohol, wait 10 seconds!

2, swab with toothpaste.

3, clean with cotton swabs and BB oil or cold cream.

if the stickers and offset printing, you can apply vinegar on offset press, wet, and then wipe with a cloth.

tattoo paste lasting three special glue to stick a method in his first nail surface and inside of the patch is coated with a layer of transparent bright oil ( So as long as the nail polish remover to discharge of the water it is good to cough up but also can protect your nails can let patch use longer! ) Then squeeze one or two drops of glue on the back of the nail plate professional tattoo paste lasting

2. Tear up tattoo paste the crystal sticker, try not to run into the inside of the words or patterns.

3。 Took out a small spray, inside is clear water oh, stick a tattoo on you want to post position.

4。 The water light spray on wet to tattoo paste.

5。 Ok, now gently shake off the white paper, lifelike tattoo will be appear in the body.

, turn a bit to make glue distribution more uniform, and then make the nail plate and nails a 45-degree Angle, to the rear of the fake fingernails on your nails trailing edge, and then slowly to compaction posted in front of the prison.

tattoo persistent 'wrist white skin ruby shoots, the piano wire dew point inclined. BeiRen fine 睰 Yan, to the mirror light well lined face chardonnay. The quality looked ever meet Qian embroidery curtain, seemed to have seen the gold car. The backyard smile peer, won the end the weeds and folding flower

2, not to tear film water stickers, stickers on the surface of a transparent film without tear, is mainly suitable for carbon, aluminium racket, golf clubs, wood, hard hats, metal, polly handicrafts, mobile phone shell and other technology products.

3, scratch-resistant ground water stickers, forming process and not tear film water sticker is roughly same, using a special printing scratch-resistant grinding material

. 'Jade shoots is praise, describe women tender slender fingertips, like just the fresh produce shoots tattoo paste. Nails set down many in the qing dynasty, this may be related to the manchu women's costumes. The manchu ladies comb two head, Bob high stretch upwards; Up to four or five inches tall shoes will lift their feet; Cuffs horseshoe shaped her to cover; Hands to act the role of the protection refers to wear long, can achieve harmony with the clothing decorative purposes.
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