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Foshan crystal tattoo paste quotation

by:XingLiMei     2020-08-26

according to the quality of a material selected

when it comes to tattoo paste, most people's impression is a patterned gummed paper, crystal tattoo paste form:

lily nails are long, middle obviously swelled, four weeks, the shape is like a lily. This kind of nails, see more at women, this kind of the shape of the nail is the most beautiful, but has the most of the people more disease at an early age, especially in the digestive system often problematic, also are more likely to suffer from diseases of the blood system.

actually tattoo paste is also have different quality of a material. In addition to tape tattoo paste, liquid tattoo discount in is becoming more and more common.

( 1) Liquid texture

liquid texture contains a panama fruit ingredient from the amazon region, the local people with its SAP for dyeing. The fluid in the body will not be washed off, only through body

crystal tattoo paste manicure later on how to quickly remove with glue on the crystal fake nails? _— — 1. Can go to nail the false nails down, they will help you with a liquid water panasonic false nails, is a little bit of a problem. 2. The most convenient time for himself inside the basin that wash a face is a major method in the warm water, then put his hand in false nails can be uninstalled. But after his nails and that kind of like the '502' kind of glue crystal tattoo paste

step three: nail polish. Choice wants nail color at your fingertips gently daub, wait for dry, proposal is not completely dry when appropriate stickers, waiting time are generally four to five minutes.

step four: paste the nail stickers. With stomach gently rub hot nail stickers, color on the face, then along the refers to the edge, to gently press on the nail stickers with scissors to spare parts, with down to simple dressing the shape, it is ok to use hair dryer heating again.

, can oneself buy a grinding nails ( Boutiques are sold inside) 。 3. With warm water with lemon water ( Just did not find a orange slice to squeeze a few drops to also go) And then put his hand into the water to soak for a period of time ( Ten to fifteen minutes) , good in one hand ( Same way) 。 4. Maintenance, suggest to buy a paint nourishing fluid besmear nail, nails, suggest using nail file on every side, according to the step file. 5. In addition, as far as possible don't use nail polish in a month. If want to use, apply to the bottom of the armor oil, to besmear nail polish, color should be light color.

crystal tattoo paste 'wrist white skin ruby shoots, the piano wire dew point inclined. BeiRen fine 睰 Yan, to the mirror light well lined face chardonnay. The quality looked ever meet Qian embroidery curtain, seemed to have seen the gold car. The backyard smile peer, won the end the weeds and folding flower

2. Cooperate with other manicure tools degree is high, in the different color nail polish on nails, present different effect, polishing, grinding, nursing can DIY;

3。 Weak security, printing ink, glue water can meet the safety inspection, TRA is mainly in the product MSDS for the product on the basis of the components of the toxicity assessment, generally for cosmetics or chemical products, at present only a few manufacturers have specification of chemical management system.

。 'Jade shoots is praise, describe women tender slender fingertips, like just the fresh produce shoots crystal tattoo stickers. Nails set down many in the qing dynasty, this may be related to the manchu women's costumes. The manchu ladies comb two head, Bob high stretch upwards; Up to four or five inches tall shoes will lift their feet; Cuffs horseshoe shaped her to cover; Hands to act the role of the protection refers to wear long, can achieve harmony with the clothing decorative purposes.
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