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Foshan 3 d tattoo paste can be reused

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-11

as a symbol of reflects the unique personality and self, 3 d tattoo paste

MSDS ( 材料安全数据表) The chemical safety instructions, can be translated into chemical safety technical specifications or chemical safety data. The eight elements: lead ( Pb) , arsenic, As) , antimony, Sb) , barium, Ba) , cadmium, 世邦魏理仕(Cb) , chromium, Cr) , mercury, Hg) , selenium, Se) 。 6 p standard refers to the development of acid salt, they respectively are: have ester phthalate ( DEHP)

tattoos are popular with more and more little sister. But for the fear of pain or the girls in the three minutes heat, tattoo is impossible? Of course not! Choose a suitable for their own tattoo paste, can the charm full of pain.

step 2: apply bottom oil. At your fingertips onto a thin layer of oil, to avoid direct contact with the natural oils, nail polish and nail lead to premature loss, avoid contact with can strengthen nail polish and nail the joint between the sex, and bottom oil also can protect the nails, avoid pigment precipitation directly on the nail polish, daub is waiting for its natural dry, do not use mouth to blow dry, that will destroy the feeling the armour of the ground.

3 d crystal tattoo paste do fake nails of the crystal powder and liquid crystal is what composition? — — Suggestions don't use acrylics or other patch armour at ordinary times, is not good for your nails is the

can reach 30 days; With the constant improvement of technology, all kinds of effects have been gradually mature application, the effect of metal, shiny effect of onion powder, the effect of laser, velvet effect, three-dimensional effect of diamond, 2 d, 3 d effect of foaming effect, hollow out, luminous, temperature change, photosensitive color, discoloration, etc. , under the influence of water is held in our country.

, will only make them more vulnerable. If you really need to work on my hands, also suggest directly use their own fingernails, do a nail, natural and beautiful. Remember: nail is also need to breath, for a long time is covered by nail polish or artificial nails, nail nails will be more and more thin oh, there is no hardness.

tattoo paste simple and convenient use, no pain, 3 d tattoo paste

proposed a nails done again for a second, because it is not easy to grasp the extent of the nail polish to dry.

step 5: smear light oil. Just a matter of nail stickers up? Don't worry, remember to smear light oil, can effectively prevent the loss. To know how to use nail sticker now? Is it easy?

paste can keep a week or so, not afraid of water, no harm to the skin. So than traditional tattoo is more easy to accept, often also facilitate change pattern.

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