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Dongguan waterproof tattoo paste can be reused

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-05

on the product after need to spray light oil or other surface treatment, into the oven for 50 - Bake 30-120 degrees 60 minutes to blow grind resistant effect, widely used in plastic, metal, ceramic, glass, polly, the material such as wooden craft gift toys, daily necessities, sports equipment and other industries. 4, tattoo stickers, water transfer printing: this product USES a simple, convenient, and stick on the skin is not easy to peel water resistance is strong, can wipe to remove can use alcohol or solvents, main application

waterproof tattoo paste is suitable for children at home and abroad; Cosmetics/bath gift/present toy manufacturers preferred products; Environmental protection products; Children's jewelry manufacturer specialized in manufacturing! Shenzhen jewelry co. , LTD is a production, development and sales in one of the fake nails/false eyelashes/nail file/children suit manufacturers waterproof tattoo

, founder of the company has eight years of brand children's jewelry production and management experience, and the introduction of advanced production equipment and brand the company's management mode, to create high quality products.

2。 Tear up tattoo paste the crystal sticker, try not to run into the inside of the words or patterns.

3。 Took out a small spray, inside is clear water oh, stick a tattoo on you want to post position.

4。 The water light spray on wet to tattoo paste.

5。 Ok, now gently shake off the white paper, lifelike tattoo will be appear in the body.

post this tattoo looks be like simple, but want to stick a good-looking and durable, have to spend idea, let's learn it the right stick method: waterproof tattoo paste

tattoos may was considered a social person in the first few years, but in today's tattoo is a common things in particular, general is to play, some people on the tattooed dragon white tiger, but the lines were thought & other Cool & throughout; Because is very beautiful, actually this kind of cool most people can appreciate.

1, first of all, with water or clean wet towel to stick to stick a tattoo the skin clean;

tattoo paste simple and convenient use, no pain, waterproof tattoo paste

now in the market has a very wide range delicate tattoo paste, greatly satisfy the want to tattoo, but because of various reasons did not go to tattoo. But everyone is for the use of the tattoo paste have doubts? Today teach you how to easily stick good tattoo paste ~! 1. The tattoo paste on market generally is oily, so as to maintain its lifelike and persistence, first select a piece of your favorite tattoo stickers.

paste can keep a week or so, not afraid of water, no harm to the skin. So than traditional tattoo is more easy to accept, often also facilitate change pattern.

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