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Do you know what nail polish remover can also be used to remove tattoo paste?

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-27

in our consciousness, nail polish remover is used to clean the nail polish. Clean with nail polish remover nail polish, can shorten the time of it stay on the nail, can let nails for air, so that to a certain extent, reduce the nail polish of harm to the body. But you know what nail polish remover can also be used to remove tattoos' target='_blank'>tattoo paste?

I think, a lot of friends are all don't know. Although a lot of friends love tattoos, tattoo paste is not urgent tattoos as lasting, but also is not literally wash will fall. Want to one day in a tattoo paste, you will need to remove tattoo paste in time, how to remove tattoo paste? Wan Jiang small make up teach you the most simple method of nail polish remover.

1, the first to use make up cotton with apply adequate amount of nail polish remover. No nail polish remover, replace can also with rubbing alcohol.

2, with a wet cotton pad and gently wipe the tattoo repeatedly, until clean.

3, use a wet towel to wipe the tattoo gently, then wash thoroughly with warm water and liquid soap residue on the skin.

tattoo paste manufacturer to remind everybody: inferior wash armour water is very low cost industrial banana oil, although clean quickly, but can cause significant damage to the nails and human health. Professional brand nail polish remover in the research and development and at the same time, use clean and when the damage to a minimum, or no damage, the nail and the body is good. Whether to remove nail polish or tattoo paste, must choose qualified nail polish remover.

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