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Different tattoo paste of their impression to the person?

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-27

when it comes to tattoo, probably a lot of people think this is a bad boy, but, in fact, now more and more people begin to understand this new era of the pursuit of personality, then derived tattoo paste is also very thin. Different tattoo paste can be different impression, we here to discuss the several tattoos to stick together give a person a kind of what kind of feeling.

feather is elegant, combined with the ink and wash style of presentation to the final effect is more simple and clever. Tattoo paste color not gorgeous, but it is this kind of shallow, dizzy like the general color is more natural and elegant. Walking in the mountains and woods, as if can melt into this beautiful nature. The most suitable for the youth beautiful beautiful girls.

cartoon style of black and white tattoo paste sui generis, a little cool. Sticker on the flower girl's arms, closed his eyes and seemed to be thinking about anything. The sticker price is very very touching, like black and white cartoon friends wind can start as soon as possible! The mystery of the geometric design combination as if is the key of another world. This tattoo paste based on contracted emphasizes individuality and tension again at the same time, it seems to be not only is the combination of line, but the vast space.

if one day, tired of his constant, then take off your dress and high heels, loose ponytail, wearing a punk wind shirt and cool Martin boots, put one arm, super personality and friends happy to enjoy! Do one day also may be 'bad' girl! Tattoo paste actually the most important thing is that you like.

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