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Compared with tattoos and tattoo paste, afraid of pain you which to choose?

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-28

our memory for a tattoo before, is likely to stay in the underworld eldest brother cell phone in hand, neck hung a gold necklace, arms tattooed dragon. Not the same for everybody, but are pretty little sister will also have a tattoo, a lot of people put the tattoo as a mark of their own. Also to show their personality beauty, tattoos and tattoo paste, which afraid of pain for you?

tattoo machine, if you look closely tattoo can clearly see the pattern is long on the meat, if there is one color, will have a lot of texture, good tattoo is very beautiful, but the price is high also, cheap tattoo will be a little vague; Tattoo is directly attached to the body, is very clear, but in a few days, a will rub off.

advice before tattoo, think carefully clear, dazed and confused is normal, but should be considered, such as five years from now don't like the design of the I do, mentality and view each of us is over time, change with age.

if just to look good, suggest you use the tattoo stickers, if really want to stay forever, you can play first tattoo stickers, feel your curiosity, sure it's not on the spur of the moment, understand a tattoo represents a meaning, can the tattoo.

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