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After tattoo stick science: tattoo need to pay attention to what?

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-28

a lot of people before tattoo focused, determined to tattoo then I think everything is all right. In fact is not the case, small make up before you have a friend go to tattoo, tattoo the skin after all become red, so after tattoo the skin is very sensitive, we have a lot of matters need to pay attention to, listen to the friend of tattoo paste below to talk about it.

1, tattoos do 3 - After 4 hours, wash with warm water, use a small amount of shampoo, wipe with clean towel, can't over washing. Take a shower can shower can't bubble bath.

2, tattoo after slight bleeding or swelling belongs to the normal phenomenon, need not daub ointment, prevent discoloration destroyed tattoo aesthetic feeling.

3, the area during the period of not fully recovered, can not enter the water covered.

4, 3 - Five days after the area appeared itching, peel, scabby, don't dig with the hand, let him fall off naturally.

5, tattoo if in your joints, skin will exercise, scabby when a little attention, don't let a scab people fall off ahead of schedule, affect the continuity of the tattoo and beauty.

the above is the introduction about tattoo after tattoo paste manufacturer's attention. Good, try not to wear tight clothes friction tattoo, tattoo can normal scabby fall off, forming a perfect tattoo. If you really afraid of pain, then try to use our temporary tattoos, the same effect will not be painful.

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