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A few little knowledge about the tattoo, you know?

by:XingLiMei     2020-08-28

in the past, we just see the people who have tattoos, don't worry about what tattoos on his body, we will be in my heart to him 'is not a good man'. But with the development and progress of the society, people's thought is becoming more and more open, more and more people began a tattoo. Moreover, tattoo now is for the sake of what, is to look pretty. In order to fashion, it is a kind of art. A few little knowledge about the tattoo, you know?

but small make up here say that those who think tattoo and preparing a tattoo, it must be doubly cautious. This is not what jewelry and clothes, you don't want don't. The grain in the body and get out, even if now have a very good tattoo technology and wash tattoo, but actually washed again how?

small tattoos will leave a scar after washed, big tattoo after washed wash not to drop, please. Only print something else to cover, so use caution when choosing. So, what you know, for the little common sense? To talk!

the first don't fat. Do you think the tattoo of a changed shape would look like. There was a girl, a tattooed on her clovers, looking at can also. She is more and more fat, until finally, clovers fat became a fan of life.

and if couples that really have to be careful, be sure to print a even if two people break up after will not embarrassed tattoo. And make sure that after your boyfriend/girlfriend looked not bad tattoo. This thing wen wrong, expensive still painful.

wash tattoo is really expensive, small well, just a matter of a few times. But a large area of tattoos are very bad.

and choose what you want. Don't cry because it is a tattoo and influenced his later work and dating. Suggested that see more tattoo don't choose the wrong and regret.

more bullish on tattoo artist whether they use tools clean. Want to clear tell the artist you want is what, again by the artist to help you modify finalized.

pay attention to take a bath and then go to the tattoo. Wait until the tattoo artist help you rub the mud is embarrassing. Tattoo can not move don't move, and avoid unnecessary mistakes. If tired can have a rest, but time can't be too long. Do not strange sounds, it will affect the operation of the tattoo artist.

don't think tattoo is finished, to be carried out in accordance with the artist to the opinions of the maintenance. Also will tell you all kinds of tattoo after notice, to remember.

don't choose some irregular shop because of the keen on gaining petty advantages. That you may be to give people to try. And bargaining and tattoo artist, think the price is not suitable we can change a, don't need to because this affect the mood of the tattoo artist.

and, if you occasionally like change the design the kind of person to calculate. This thing get out again, really want to buy a tattoo put a stick will solve everything, this tattoo paste can also be in the body for several days, if you set your mind to go to tattoo, then go to, if your heart is full of uncertainty, then buy a tattoo paste back and have some fun.

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